Bad Bunnies Seasons

Bunnies have been oppressed by the Man for quite some time. Now, it is their turn to strike back. It is time to teach the Man a lesson he will never forget! Time to fight the good fight for freedom for all those poor animals that has been oppressed and mistreated. Or… they can just escape from his farm!
Bad Bunnies Seasons is a platform puzzle game of furry proportions and sadistic humor. You have to guide the bunnies through a field of hazardous perils (some bushes and haystacks) and nightmarish monsters (frogs and moles) to the exit of each stage!
Experience its snowy slopes during winter time, the hot summer sun during harvest, the breathtaking flora of springtime and last but not least the moody leaf falling autumn.
Bad Bunnies Seasons is a game for all ages and gaming expertise.
Disclaimer: No real bunnies were harmed in any way during the development procedure!
developed by inStorium Games & JinxSoft
published by JinxSoft
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