Lovely Couple

Today I had a strange dream…. I had a walk in the park with my dog Bruno when I stumbled upon the weirdest spectacle ever…. There was a young couple holding hands and looking each other lavishly. The weird part is coming next. Thick rope was tied around their waists while they were pulling some human-sized scale weights with it… When I woke up I said to myself… that must have been the burden of love….and what a Lovely Couple those two were… Sharing weights is a good thing in general, but if you are in relationship with someone, you have to do that all the time. So for you, person in a relationship, how about some training with our cute and pretty game? We will get you ready, cause Love is a heavy thing indeed!
Lovely Couple is a very peculiar and different than usual fun puzzle game for iOS and Android and is destined to bring all couples to their knees!
developed by inStorium Games
published by JinxSoft
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